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Slough Seniors' 14th anniversary

Left to right: Justine Clifford (departing Relaxation Techniques instructor), Ramesh Gupta, Vijay Gupta and Emily Lockheart (Fitness instructor).
Justine Clifford, Ramesh Gupta, Vijay Gupta and Emily Lockheart.

Slough Senior Citizens Group has celebrated its 14th anniversary – whilst bidding farewell to a popular class instructor.

More than 50 people attended our anniversary lunch at Brook House, Chalvey.

As well as a hearty lunch and networking event, Slough Seniors paid tribute to departing instructor, Justine Clifford, who has led the group’s Relaxation Techniques class on a Wednesday for more than two years.

Funnily enough, the anniversary also happened to fall on Justine’s birthday, which she shares with the co-founder of Slough Seniors, Mrs Ramesh Gupta, who turned 79. Both ladies received cards and a colourful bouquet of flowers.

Additionally, Slough Borough Council leader James Swindlehurst and Chalvey Councillor Atiq Sandhu were guests of honour at the event, which celebrated the group’s founding since 2006.

James Swindlehurst (centre) joins the party.
Members, guests and instructors gather for a group shot with Cllr James Swindlehurst (centre).

Founding member and leader of Slough Seniors, Vijay Gupta, who also happens to be Ramesh’s husband, said:

“We were incredibly happy to host so many friends and supporters from over the years.

“Their help has been invaluable and has helped us establish ourselves firmly in the community.

“I would like to pay a special tribute to Justine who has worked so marvellously to bring energy and a smile to our faces with her classes.

"It was also great to welcome Cllr Swindlehurst once again who continues to show his understanding and support.”

Cllr Swindlehurst has been a long-term supporter of our group, whose aims are to promote a happy and healthy lifestyle for seniors, reduce their isolation in the community, and keep them active.

What’s more, we get to stage weekly active classes for senior citizens at our free-of-charge space in Brook House, thanks to the permission of the council.

The anniversary party was held on Thursday, January 30.

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